New Years Resolution Update

Has it really been a long 6 months since I last posted on this blog? That is shockingly awful and so so scary. So much has happened in that time – this really has turned out to be such a big and an amazing year for me so far. I thought it’d be nice to do a little update as to what’s going on with me and how I’ve been getting on with those new years resolutions I set myself:

I said I would:

Be more organised – This is something I can say I’ve achieved on somewhat. Okay, so I haven’t cleared out the spare room (in fact I’ve done the total opposite, filling it with stuff from my old uni house). I also haven’t sorted out my computer hard drive. BUT I have organised my room, made it a little haven for myself and a place I actually want to spend time in and anyone who knows me knows that is a success in itself.

Be more active – Again, not a total success. Anyone who follows me on social media will know that I convinced myself (with heavy pushing from my housemate) to go for a run and absolutely stacked it, falling face first onto the pavement. Ever since then I’ve been finding running even harder to get back into. I did try out an aqua fit class in Peterborough last week though and really enjoyed that so maybe there is hope for the future. I say that but as I speak I’m writing this in my pjs and have no intention of moving anywhere but to the kitchen and back with snacks.

To work hard(er) – So I finished uni and absolutely smashed (I’m trying to be nicer to myself but why does it always feel so cringy?!) my exams getting myself a first and graduating at the end of last week. I have also lined myself up a job and can’t wait to get started on something that challenges me again. There’s only so much that endless games of The Sims can do that.

To start saving – Saving is also making little progress as I have NO money. I think it would be optimistic to try to save at the moment. However once I start work I will be fully on this one. Promise.

To read more – NOW this is something I have smashed. I am loving reading new books so much and reading for fun for once and under absolutely no pressure. It’s the best. Me and my friend Amy (see her blog here) are going to start that challenge I talked about once we both finish the books we’re reading now and I’m sure I’ll be posting lots about that soon.

That’s all for now but I promise more content is coming. Promise. Maybe… hopefully.

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