My Twenty Sixteen Goals and Resolutions

I feel really inspired by the New Year this year. After having the best New Years Eve night this year that I have ever had I’m feeling much more optimistic about the New Year and everything it may bring. 2016 is going to be undoubtedly one of the most important years of my life. Hopefully I will be graduating University and heading out into the big world of work and real life. Therefore, I thought it was really important for me to have some clear goals and resolutions, so here we are… in 2016, my goals and resolutions are as follows:

To be more organised – I have recently begun to understand the beauty of having everything organised and the calm that that can bring. As part of this this year I vow to sort through the photographs on my laptop and put them onto a hard drive and into proper folders, and to clear out my phone of all numbers I no longer need. I also vow to help my mum and dad clear out the loft and the spare room to make more space for other crap from the rest of the house.

To be more active – To get running again. 2015 was the year I went on my first ever run and the year I completed my first ever 5k. I got to the point where I was running everyday, but with the cold weather and the sudden influx of work I’ve let that slide. I’d like to go for a run twice a week with my housemates and attend two fitness classes at uni. I’d also ideally like to find somewhere to do fitness classes in Peterborough, and somebody to do them with. Any volunteers?

To work hard(er) – I always work hard and I never give myself enough credit for it, but I need to continue that this year to make sure I can get a good final grade that I’m proud of at Uni. I would also really like to get a full time marketing job sorted for when I finish Uni, and I would like to continue all my freelance work that I currently do.

To Start Saving – I’m one of those terrible people who only has one bank account (oopsie) and never saves anything aside for a rainy day. As I’m about to grow up and be thrown into this crazy, big world I think that definitely needs to change. As soon as I finish Uni and start (hopefully) earning consistent money, I’d like to get a savings account set up and a proper system for saving.

And with the money I save… – I’d like to book another holiday, this time to celebrate Edward’s birthday. We have absolutely no idea where we’d like to go yet (and very little budget) but we’ll get something sorted. I’d also like to look into Invisalign to straighten out my teeth as I absolutely hate them as they are at the minute, and I desperately want to get them sorted before I get married. Finally I’d like to get my car air filter fixed because ever since I bought it when you put the heating on the car physically shakes. It sounds like an aeroplane is taking off – not having that happen anymore would be quite nice.

To read more – And finally, I found this blog post on Pinterest and its a challenge I’d like to take on. It gives you twenty six different types of books to read ranging from “Read a book about a witch, a lion or a wardrobe” to “Read a book just because you like the front cover.” I can’t wait to get started on that once I finish Uni. It will be so nice to read guilt free knowing I shouldn’t be reading anything else.

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