A Strained, Awkward About Me

Now I think it’s obligatory that every blog has to start with an about me, even if it is the most embarrassing thing ever to write about yourself. It’s funny really that we all love to talk about ourselves till the cows come home, but struggle with what to say when asked to suddenly give off a one liner about who we are.

Nonetheless, here we go. My name is Sam. I’m currently as I write this post 20, (but I’m 21 very soon, in October). I am just about to go into my third year (eeek when did that happen?) at the University of Birmingham studying English Literature and History. Ever since I can remember I have been a full on careerist – defined as somebody who is: “concerned mainly with advancement in one’s profession.” My careerism really kicked off though when I found the world of communications, PR and marketing and fell in love with the role it has to play in business, and the difference it could make.

I have decided to kick off Confessions of a Careerist as a blog that will discuss problems faced by careerists in general, address my feelings about the communications industry and allow me to reflect on opinions on things related to the  comms industry. Some of it will be very comms loaded and some will be just fun tips that I find help me with productivity or handling workload. I think what will make this blog different to any other industry/work focused blogs is that I am writing not as someone with tons of experience in the industry or lots of life experience, but as someone who is still working it all out. I also feel I am able to offer something many will be able to relate to or be inspired from or even learn from.. we’ll see what it turns into basically. It’s all still a bit of a fresh venture in my mind.

So yeah, that’s basically me and where I’m going with this. I hope you’ll follow my journey and read along with me.


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